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The imagination is a beautiful thing, SHAPE encourages customers to think of what would make their lives easier, then we make it reality. Let's design a home that makes sense instead of a house that just works.


Reliable, versatile and easy of use is at the forefront of all of the equipment selected by SHAPE. Feel free to follow the links to learn more about the options we provide and the amazing partners  we have joined to guarantee satisfaction.

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You will never hear the words "Good enough" come from our mouths. Constantly challenging the status quo and driven to provide the best products and the highest standards for our valued customers.

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SHAPE is motivated to drive change across the greater Edmonton area. Understanding the need to increase efficiency, decrease consumption and let customers take back the freedom of owning a home. 





With expertise in every sector of the electrical field; have confidence the job will be done right and on time. From electrical design to pulling wire and programming we have every base covered.