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We know there is a better way to build and we are making changes in our great city to prove this. SHAPE is blazing the trail to improve the quality of life for our customers, providing security and piece of mind. All of SHAPE products are affordable and can be scaled according to project. We have been asked numerous times "Is this possible", Our response.... "If you can imagine it we can do it". Our customers drive our innovation and are the life blood of every project. 

Work with a SHAPE professional and customize the package that works best for you!

Start with the Miniserver​ and build from there, ​Loxone gives you the option to manually control or automate all areas of your home. Whether using automation, push button or the Loxone App, you smart home system is made to simplify your life and add comfort.

What is important to you and your family? 

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A Loxone Smart Home is the most intelligent of smart homes. It combines all the components of your home into one central system, the ‘brain’ of which is the Miniserver. The Miniserver enables intelligent communication between different systems and devices in the home including the heating, lighting, blinds, windows and doors, locks, cameras, music, appliances and switches.

SHAPE is driven to question common practices, improve and push to drive innovation. 

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