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SHAPE is driven to question why has every aspect of your house improved  and the electrical has remained stagnant.  Why do you need to get up to turn the lights off? or close your blinds in the summer at 5 in the morning when the sun breaks through your window? Why is it necessary to pay a monthly fee for a security service that you don't use or take advantage of? 

Build With Trust!

 Now think of your childhood home, or grandparents home. What has changed? Paint, shelving unit, fixtures, appliances, the heat passing through your house from a more efficient furnace, the insulation in your walls, your computer, smart phone,....  everything in a home has changed and improved. From an electrical standpoint your house is virtually the same as your grandparents house. 

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We know there is a better way to build and we are making changes in our great city to prove this. SHAPE is blazing the trail to improve the quality of life for our customers, providing security and piece of mind. All of SHAPE products are affordable and can be scaled according to project. We have been asked numerous times "Is this possible", Our response.... "If you can imagine it we can do it". Our customers drive our innovation and are the life blood of every project. 

SHAPE is driven to question common practices,

What's in your life that needs a solution?

SHAPE works with the most innnovative builders.

Our goal is to together make better homes and a more vibrant city!

SHAPE is here to change this. 

Look around the room you are in at this exact moment,