SHAPE provides monitored security, wired or wireless. Monitored security is a system that will relay alarm states to a third party that will alert the authorities to the situation. There are many options available in order to keep your home and family safe. Whether it is a new build with a wired system or outfitting house with a new security system SHAPE has all your bases covered. 

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Without question, the primary benefits of IP security cameras are resolution and image quality – allowing users to capture forensic level detail, and to digitally zoom in on any image without losing clarity. This results in more effective identification, and provides greater accuracy for automated analysis, alarms and notifications. Again SHAPE has many options, prices and brands available to ensure complete satisfaction. 

HD Analog systems are capable of delivering up to 1080p HD video – addressing the primary shortcoming of traditional analog solutions. HD Analog systems are as simple to maintain because HD Analog lives off the network, they don’t interfere with other network-related activities, or consume valuable network bandwidth required by other devices.  SHAPE provides many different brands and price points to make sure you are satisfied.

IP Cameras

Internet Protocol

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Automated security systems are built to put all the alerts in the control of the owner with zero monthly fees. Automated systems alert the owner immediately when there is an alarm situation usually paired with lighting and music systems in order to alert and scare off intruders. With this system there is no need for a third party to monitor your home and charge additonal fees.  

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