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Looking to spice up the home you already have? We can do that! SHAPE has the ability to integrate your existing AV system into an easy to use "one touch" system. With the power of on controls your system can be turned into a easy to use fully automated powerhouse include lights, music, TVs/Projectors, security and more. If you don't have a system already but are looking to find the right fit, SHAPE offers all the equipment you need for any and all customers. Let SHAPE design you a custom system, and finally have the perfect area to kick back and enjoy touch one button and have the perfect settings. 

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Retro Fits & Home Theater Solutions

There are a couple directions a person can go with a new build. Conventional, automation ready, and custom automation. Conventional is the standard house wiring, taking this route really inhibits your chances to take full control of your home but there is ample opportunity to add a couple goodies to make a huge difference such as a music server to play music through your home easy as 1-2... no need for 3 here it's as simple as that. With automation ready, SHAPE pre-wires the home for a fully automated system, this way a person can add as needed, you can start with a one time security fee and have a fully functional monitored system. From there a customer can add as needed and create a fully functional intelligent home. Basic automation gives the customer the building block to have control of their home but not really need to because it will be an intelligent house and it will take care of the customer!

New Builds

SHAPE is working to become a leader in Alberta and help change the way energy is generated for our towns & cities. Are you looking to reduce your impact on the environment or maybe just get a little more information? The technology and know how is here, SHAPE has partnered with Generate Energy to guarantee each job is done right and meets all requirements.  Generate Energy is a company of leaders and forward thinkers able to give you a comprehensive look at what your home or business will produce for you! Solar in Edmonton is a very viable option and together we will be able to drive change in our great province.  Call us to come take a look, the worst that could happen is you are a little more educated on possibilities.